Laser therapy is applied to toenail onychomycosis by shining a laser light through the toenail. The laser light vaporizes the fungus while leaving the skin and surrounding tissue unharmed.
5-MIN. Toenail fungus remedy… no more expensive & basically ineffective fungal o.t.c. medications and home remedies like Vick’s, vinegar, Lysterene, or peroxide or epsome salts soaks, But best of all, no dr. Bills for me! [More]
In this video, Dr. Uro discusses what footwear is most appropriate for those afflicted with toenail fungus.
In this video, Dr. Uro discusses what to do for social events if patients have embarrassing toe fungus. Dr. Uro recommends false toenails from Germany that have an anti-fungal agent in it. These toenails are [More]
In this video, Dr. Uro explains how toenail fungus is contracted.
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How to treat an infected toenail naturally! Put Garlic on Feet Overnight! Put the garlic overnight on feet nails to treat naturally, infected toenail. Here is how to treat overnight infected ingrown toenail with garlic. [More]
What Are The Advantages Of Laser Treatment For Fungal Toenails? Podiatrist Sheldon Nadal, DPM – Toronto, ON Local: 416-486-9917 Toll free: (877) 456-3338 Podiatrist Toronto, ON Sheldon H. Nadal D.P.M. 586 Eglinton Avenue E. [More]
The Fungus Terminator System Review Cures for Nail Fungus by Dave Bennet’s The Fungus Terminator eBook Review. Learn the truth about Fungus Terminator System How To Get Rid Of Bad Toenail Fungus Review Program by [More]