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In this video, Dr. Uro discusses the SteriShoe Device, a device that plugs into your wall, fits inside your shoe, and uses UV light to sterilize it over the course of 45 minutes. The SteriShoe [More]
The device combines 905nm laser light and 470nm LED blue light to treat nail fungal infection (onychomycosis). Laser will penetrate the infected nail plate and target causative pathogens residing on the nail bed. As a [More]
The device is combined 905nm infrared cold laser light therapy with 465nm blue light for disinfection. No invasive, painless, no side effect, pure physiotherapy. Tel: +86-27-51231823 Phone:+86-18627715817 What can you expect ? The [More]
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A breakthrough in portable, in home, and drug free nail fungus treatment.