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As a result of an accident the foot of the child in this video developed a wound which became infected. 24 hours after the start of an antibiotic you may already see signs of improvement
SEE THE “AFTER” VIDEO HERE: This is the worst jigger attack on the side of foot we had ever handled. What ran through my mind as Eunice was worked on is this was this [More]
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In this video you are seeing pododermaitis. The full description and medical information are below. Popping at 1:15 and 1:05. Enjoy. Blackhead removal tool kit: Because pododermatitis can have multiple different causes and secondary [More]
The video was taken before , 3 days after and 5 days after treatment with alternative applications of Fucidic acid cream, Betamethasone -17 valerate cream and an emollient moisturising cream
Maxwell submitted this video to us. It is a pretty impressive staph infection that was treated with antibiotics. It got a little more solid, then he removed it with what appears to be a tooth [More]
Buy Stuff: This unfortunate 20-year-old young man presented with a very painful, obviously infected ingrown toenail at the right great toe. The condition required a digital block to the great toe followed by a [More]
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