Greetings! Eric Bakker. Naturopath from New Zealand. How are you all going out there? Thanks for checking out my video today. We’re going to talk about nail fungus. I’ve got a question here from a [More]
Nail fungus / onychomycosis is a pain! If it festers for too long it can eventually eat its way all the way to the bone (as seen in one of Dr. Vikrams videos). This case [More]
Re: The Follower Fungus Speaks
Merhaba çocuklar, bu videomda Barbie, My Little Pony, Shopkins Cicibiciler, Fungus Amungus, Looney Tunes, Yenilmezler sürpriz oyuncakları açıyoruz. Sürpriz oyuncakları merak ediyorsanız videomu izleyebilirsiniz.\r\rBirbirinden eğlenceli videolarımdan haberdar olmak isterseniz, Oyuncak Kutusu kanalına Abone olabilirsiniz :)\r♥ [More]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S02E10 – Fungus Humungous
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Monsters Inside Me Brain Invaders S01 E08 Fungus Among Us