{28} Listerine and Vinegar Foot Soak..Does it Really Work Wonders?
My daughter asked to borrow my foot soaker and I said no because I knew I wouldn’t see it for a few weeks but she borrowed it anyway, which was a christmas present to me [More]
DIY Foot Soak with Peppermint for Homemade Skin Care
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Lisa Kasanicky, creator of ArizonaSpaGirls.com, talks about how beauty products and spa services are making the leap from fad to form. She also demonstrates a Tequila Shooter Foot Soak Recipe. For FOX 10 Morning News [More]
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Last month, a Florida kayaker came upon a very large snake coiled up on a platform located in Biscayne Bay. It is believed that the 9-foot Burmese python swam there. Last month, a Florida kayaker [More]