Chaque jour en fin de matinée, retrouvez le journal des Bleus. Aujourd’hui, Damien Degorre, envoyé spécial en Russie, évoque le cas de Blaise Matuidi.
The RSPCA in Cambridgeshire is caring for an abandoned dog whose hair was so badly matted it cut off circulation to one of his paws, resulting it to rot and drop off.
Hi! My name is Jonathan and I am a Chiropodist (Foot Specialist) in Toronto, Canada. May is ‘Foot Health Month’ in Canada and I am going to try to use this month to give you [More]
VIDEO LIGUE 1 – Contrarié par le penalty accordé aux Lyonnais en deuxième période, Thierry Laurey, l’entraîneur du Racing, estime que ses joueurs ne méritaient pas de s’incliner si lourdement sur la pelouse de l’OL [More]
Marquinhos a trouvé que le carton rouge donné à Dani Alves était sévère et qu’il a changé le match de Paris. Pain In Arch Of Foot, Severe Heel Pain, Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Pain Heel Know the Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis An injury to the plantar fascia can manifest in different ways. [More]
An elderly woman has been suffering from thick, hard to cut, fungal nails for a few years. She is unable to reach her feet, which is why her nails have grown so long. Due to [More] – Do you want to get rid of nail fungus be it toenail fungus or fingernail fungus but don’t know what is the best nail fungus treatment or toenail fungus treatment for you? Here [More]
I customized a Canon mp-e 65 lens, the most powerful macro lens on the market. You can clearly see how the infected nail piles up in several layers. The image quality is amazing for this [More]
trimming thick fungal toenails and calluses by a podiatrist. For educational purposes only.