This Super Easy 2 Ingredient Recipe Will Eliminate Your Nail Fungus Forever! – – – The dirt and unhealthy environment invite the fungus infection. Nail fungus is quite common due to difficulties in keeping the [More] Does Jublia work to cure nail fungus? Jublia is a topical treatment for toenail fungus that has been advertised heavily lately. Unfortunately, all you read about Jublia may not be true. Seattle Podiatrist Larry [More]
Yes you can treat nail fungus 100% by the method told in the video. Nail fungus is also known as ringworm of nail or onychomycosis. Mostly fungal infection is seen in immunocomprisomised persons, those keeping [More]
How to Treat Toenail Fungus using Vicks Vaporub
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In this video, Dr. Uro discusses oral anti-fungal medications in relation to toenail fungus.
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