In this video, I will tell you how to get rid of toenail fungus with bleach at home. Bleach among the fast-acting home remedies which provides instant relief from foot fungus and other infections as [More]
More info : Fungi Cure – It is fairly widespread for a person to overlook the signs that they’ve a toenail fungus infection. The initial symptoms can be as [More]
After Maggi now its Patanjali’s turn to face the heat. Food safety officials on Monday collected samples of cow milk’s ‘desi ghee’ manufactured by Patanjali after allegations were levelled by locals in Haridwar about the [More]
If you have athletes foot or want to know how to avoid getting it, make sure you watch this video! In this video I discuss how I got athletes foot and show you the very [More]
Calgary: Learn about the new, most effective way to remove fungus removal. Doctors from Achilles Foot Clinic safely & effectively treat toenail fungus with the new laser system. A fungal nail or onychomycosis is an [More]
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FungiCure Review Fungicure nail fungus treatment presented by “”Fungicure is a topical nail fungus treatment used to penetrate deep within the nail bed to eliminate fungus. The estimated time to see results with a [More]
Toenail fungus is a common, although loathsome ailment, the signs of infection include discoloration, changes in thickness, chipping, and brittleness. Some cases can even be quite painful, and all should be treated as soon as [More]
In this video, Dr. Uro discusses what footwear is most appropriate for those afflicted with toenail fungus.
In this video, Dr. Uro discusses whether more men or women pursue laser treatment to mend nails afflicted with toenail fungus.