This video is about How to cut and shape thick misshapen toenail. In todays video I am going to show you how to make thick, misshapen, rams horn like toenails appear natural. the before and [More]
This video is a quick one, about only one big toenail. This is a longtime patient with very thick nails and calluses. The whole 10 toes video will come soon with the conversation attached. Until [More]
Dr. Tegan A. Thimesch, DPM talks about fungus of the feet, fungus symptoms and fungus treatments.
foot fungus treatment….
how to cure foot fungus……..
in this video we show the progression of a diabetic toe infection. it shows the infection at its worst with a plantar necrotic ulcer, and ultimately the healing of the infection. RESTMORE Sleep Supplement: [More]
Dr Nail Nipper works with Ian and his diabetic feet. Type 2 Diabetes. Take a look at our products below. –\ Subscribe: ||– Product: Best Diabetic Foot Care – Travel Pedicure Kit – [More]
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Nail Clipper Kit: Good medical morning. This is Watson and today we are going to talk about Nail Fungus Ever look down at your fingernails or toenails and see yellow, chalky material hiding inside? [More]