How to Get Rid of Nail Fungus Naturally – Garlic is an effective herb because it has antifungal compound known as ajoelene and has proved to be effective against several fungal infections including toenail fungus. [More]
No more foot pain, the cure came from my penis 😉 It was instantly better after the first time of me trying this.
I soaked my feet in turpentine on the night before this video.
Hi Ladies and gentleman… here is a antiseptic foot bath… Doing this faithfully will heal your toe foot fungus…
Did you know that bleach helps get rid of nasty toenail fungus? You see, when bleach is mixed with water, it creates “chlorinated water.” And “chlorinated water” stops toenail fungus dead in it’s tracks! Want [More]
How to Detox the Feet | Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Detoxn **** More about Jennifer Mac at Detoxing through the feet with apple cider vinegar, which kills fungus and treats foot and toenail bacteria, [More]
Hi YouTube, here is video that should help you to get rid of foot fungus. Here is the link to: DB Lower Foot spa