An Ionic foot bath device is a water detoxifying device that is run by either battery operated or run by electricity. It makes use of metal array together with salt and water combination. According to [More]
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Ionic detox foot bath for health and well being.
Are your feet ready for sandal season? I have neglected my my feet since going to get a pedicure for my birthday (NOV)and picking up a foot fungus from the nail salon! So my feet [More]
yes, I am trying it and I can see the difference. it has been used for centuries around the world.
How to get rid of foot fungus quickly help! i have yellow toenails!. It seems counter intuitive then, that using vinegar to kill nail fungus would be a good idea, but is fairly weak acid, [More]
B soak your feet in apple cider vinegar. Do you have other favorite toenail fungus home remedies? . Googleusercontent search. Listerine foot soak for nail fungus. I’ve been soaking my toes in a 50. Vinegar [More]
Hi ladies, today’s video is a follow up to my original Listerine foot soak video. I wanted to try out the amber color Listerine to see if it worked better. Keep watching to find out! [More]
Some twenty years ago a table fell on my foot on my left big toe. The toenail has never been seriously addressed for healing…. until now. Pls. follow along. Kangen water 2.5 Strong acidic …Kills [More]