Dr. James Zaccaria DPM, FACFAS who is also Board Certified in Foot & Ankle Surgery is an expert in helping patients understand if athlete’s feet is contagious or not. Our patients are frequently wondering [More]
This is best done at this home remedy also good for nails and hands athletes foot alternative treatments. Vicks a remedy for athlete’s foot fungal infection and symptoms patient medicinenet athletes_foot comments 233. Natural cures [More]
Severe athlete’s foot with open sores, mixed with mouthwash and vinegar. Painful reaction to dipping her feet. Not sure if the cure works yet, will update. ūüôā
You will need to do this at least 3 times a week until you start noticing a change. Hope you enjoy the video , don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, & COMMENT!!! You will need: -1 [More]
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Use Listerine on Jock Itch, Athlete’s Foot and Eczema And It Will Never Comeback Again
Transcript: Is It Athlete‚Äôs Foot? Athlete‚Äôs foot — called tinea pedis in medical terminology — is actually a fungal infection that commonly develops from lingering moisture in the areas between the toes and on other [More]