I hope you enjoy this video or at least not regret the 3 minutes it took to watch it…LOL I used the following products; 1. Antiseptic Blue Mind Mouth Rinse (equate) 2. Distilled White Vinegar [More]
http://www.stopathletesfoot.comNot only does athlete’s foot cause unbearable pain and agony from the itching and burning, but it can also cause many complications (some of which are severe and dangerous). In this video, you will discover [More]
Do your feet itch and burn? Are they red and flaky? Are you embarrassed to take your shoes off in front of other people? Then you may have the embarrassing condition known as athlete’s foot. [More]
Poor thing. She accepted her mother’s invitation to play tennis and ended up with a savage attack of athlete’s foot. She had no hint of what she was in for. The next two weeks were [More]
http://www.stopathletesfoot.comHere are the symtpoms of the four common types of athlete’s foot: interdigital, inflammatory/vesicular, moccasin, and ulcerative.
http://www.stopathletesfoot.comAthlete’s foot seems to occur most often in people who are susceptible to infection. Most medical scientists and doctors believe there is an unknown genetic component that predisposes these unfortunate individuals. When people are susceptible [More]