9 Best Home Remedies For Athletes Foot
An update on my feet. I have not had foot fungus issues is over a year.
He talks about athletes foot
Avec : Jean-Louis Tourre, Captain Larqué et François Manardo. – Ecoutez le Best-of de Larqué Foot, sur RMC la radio du Sport.
In this video we show you How to properly apply foot cream and prevent your feet from becoming dry
How to keep your feet clean and dry from bacteria. Easy cheap daily foot maintenance to help keep athletes feet away. This video also shows an update on how my foot is doing. I have [More]
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Dr. Lewis First talks about Athlete’s Foot. He discusses the causes of Athlete’s Foot as well as what can be done to avoid Athlete’s Foot. Dr. First mentions precautions such as drying feet with a [More]