Dry feet can be caused by genes, medication, allergies, athlete’s foot or a number of other reasons. Find out how to use foot baths to treat dry feet with help from a dermatologist in this [More]
This video is for all the guys and gals who have to endure “safety” footwear at work. Having your feet baked in heavy industrial shoes and boots all day can have serious effects on the [More]
Why It Works? When you soak any part of your skin in an Epsom salt bath, the skin absorbs the Epsom salts, which are a natural anti-inflammatory Precautions? People who have heart conditions, high blood [More]
Subscribe Now for more such videos 🙂 New video Monday-Wednesday-Friday! Hey everyone! 🙂 Today i am going to share how i cured Athlete’s Foot,Or Pedicure process of mine,so hope you guys would enjoy the video [More]
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This vinegar foot soak treats toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, dry feet, calluses and cracked heels! Homemade vinegar foot soak recipe that treats all the foot problems and one that can be made in a matter [More]
This foot soak has greatly helped with toe fungus,athletes feet, and dry cracked heels. my husband tried prescription medications and found the side effects to be too harsh. He really enjoys this foot soak, and [More]
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