removal of total nail

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This is a removal of a fungal nail. It is not a permanent removal. The nail will grow back. This patient wanted to remove the painful nail and try treating it topically with antifungal creams while it grows back. For entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home!

Please watch: “#4 Best of 2017 – Dr Nail Nipper – Trimming Really Thick Nails in Podiatry office”


Carla Maree says:

The toe bro would not approve of this method.

D D says:

Welp…. that made my butthole hurt. Thanks for that.

nicoya poles says:

That was perfection!

Lauren A says:

oh that hurt me so much!

BIGMGAMING 8000 says:

Go ahead and Call me a little bitch but through the whole video I was like "omgomgomgomgomg"

Nikki R says:

I had to have this done when I was 7 years old because of ingrown toenails causing infections,and the fact that i had leukemia made it very dangerous to just leave them,so they removed both the nail on the right big toe and the left…they put me under general anesthesia to perform the procedure( remember I was 7!) so there was no pain at the time of the procedure,but the next 2 weeks were pure torture! I remember having to soak them in salt water,which stung so bad,and having to apply creams and wrap them in gauze bandaging…it was horrible,and I couldn't wear close toed shoes for 2 months…it was a good thing it was summer,and they gave me strong painkillers…😰

KayDawg says:

Does this hurt?

Carmine Stokes says:

am not foot doctor but that removal deff did not look right ..

Richard Humphries says:

how did she get an infection like that???

chrystalbla23 says:

well that was traumatic

Porsha Wates says:

sweet baby Jesus why😭😭😭!!!

Toenail Fungus Healing says:

this is reason why you need cure your toenail fungus when it is at the beginning

Frivolous Page says:

That looked brutally painful.. wow!
Clean work though!

Jennifer ofHolliston says:

Cool. So that's what can be done about a fungal nail – pull it off, and start again, using anti-fungal cream to try to get the new nail to grow out without the fungus.

E E says:

Would love to know how the nail grew back

Patricia Sweeton says:

I had my nail removed today, it was permanently removed.

Christopher Fea says:

Does the nailbed need to be wrapped after this? And if so does the patient rewrap it at home or is it healed up after a couple of days?

shelby robinson says:

Is the toe nail removal a heather treatment than taking the medication ?

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