FUNGAL NAIL ON BIG TOE – with commentary

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This is a lovely lady in her 70’s who has trouble trimming her own nails because she cannot see or reach her toes.

Please watch: “#4 Best of 2017 – Dr Nail Nipper – Trimming Really Thick Nails in Podiatry office”


BusheZ says:

During #WinterBreak I'm going to watch so much of this stuff…

DukeCityFlash Garcia says:

Can I get subs??

Laurieb2851 says:

Back when I had the fungal nail, I had filed the whole nail down because it was looking so ugly. I got to the point that time where the nail just went ahead and fell apart and came right off. Of course the fungal nail came back, but was treated with a prescription with excellent results.

A.I. Channel English says:


dude 57 arizona says:

How can get the grow normal

Carol Yuen says:

Thank you for sharing your works. As a freshly graduated Podiatrist, I learnt a lot of nail trimming skills especially those extremely cases.

Random Girl says:

This is why I pick my nails… Sometimes

Francisco Ruiz says:

Damn this people have ugly as fucking feet. Gross.

szqsk8 says:

I never knew nails could grow this way. Is this the destiny of all older folks?

4lex 4lex says:

What type of doctor is this? Do I need a reference from my general practitioner to find a professional to get this done ?

Angela Billingsley says:

Work is not done

aimee1177 says:

Toenail shrapnel is dangerous. I once cut my dads toenails and a piece flew off and hit a lightbulb in a lamp. It didn't have a lampshade and the bulb burst.

Kristen Leon says:

Your videos are nice but sometimes I think you needed other proper tools…

taylor knoll says:

my mom likes to rest when she gets her hair done

Brenda Carman says:

Dr. what causes the nails to no longer be attached?

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