Put Vinegar On Your Plants And This Will Happen

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There’s a handy ingredient probably sitting in your pantry just waiting to provide an array of super benefits. Vinegar. did you know you can safely use this ingredient in the garden too?
Check out a few clever ways you can use vinegar (white and apple cider) where your veggies and plants spend their days:

1.Vinegar for weeds: Instead of spending a lot of money on toxic chemicals to get rid of the weeds in your garden, pouring apple cider vinegar directly on the weeds. The acetic acid will stop weed growth without damaging the soil.

2.Get rid of ants: Ants don’t like the smell of vinegar, so you can keep them at bay by mixing 1-part water and 1-part vinegar in a spray bottle and attacking ant hills with the solution. Both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar work well.

3. Freshen flowers: Cut a pretty bouquet of flowers from your garden and keep them fresh by adding two tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar to a quart of water, and add your flowers.

 4.Feed your plants: Some plants (like Gardenias, Holly, and Begonias) thrive on acidic soil. You can give those plants some extra love by spritzing with a mixture of 1 gallon of water with 1 cup of white vinegar.

5.Test the PH level of your soil: The acid levels in your soil can affect how well plants grow. You can run a simple test on your dirt by placing a bit of the soil in a container and then add 1/2 cup vinegar. If the vinegar begins to fizzle and bubble, the soil is too alkaline. Add sulfur or peat moss to even out the soil’s acidity.

6.Remove allergens from your hands: If you’ve been digging in the dirt with your bare hands, make sure to rinse your hands with white distilled vinegar. The vinegar will remove allergens and other debris so you don’t start itching.

7.Keep common pets out of your garden
Animals that love to get in your garden, like raccoons, rabbits, moles, rodents, and deer also happen to hate the smell of vinegar, so it will keep them out naturally without causing them harm. All you have to do is soak a few rags in your apple cider vinegar and place them strategically throughout your garden. Re-soak them once a week to ensure they retain their maximum effectiveness.

And 8. Clean pots: Mix 1-part water, 1-part white distilled vinegar. Soak glazed, clay or plastic pots in the solution for at least an hour to remove stains and mineral deposits.

Have You Ever Used Vinegar in Your Yard?
Please share your experience in the comments below.

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Rare_Epicness says:

I'm an ant keeper and I always get triggered when I see people trying to get rid of ants. You can also catch the queen an raise the colony in a terrarium for decorative purposes ;(

DB says:

what to do with the soil to make pH level between 4.5-6.5?!!

David Cue says:

I'm going to need a truck of vinegar for all those uses.

Juleiha Ikbal says:

vinegar killed my plants. i was fooled by this and put it on my plant just to see my excellent foliage die with my own hands and stupidity

Matteo Lacroix says:

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Javed Iqbal Mirza says:

Is Vinegar pesticide, fungicide or fertiliser

Dave Cyphert says:

I just want to kill the weeds that keep coming up through the rock bed areas around the perimeter of the house, even though there's fabric underneath. I live in Florida and have tried the expensive chemicals with a pump sprayer, even at the roots (after pulling them) and they still return. Thinking of using something like an ORTHO 0.25-Gallon Plastic Tank Sprayer with a hose and a mixture of vinegar and epsom salt or dish soap to cover larger areas faster and get into the soil/sand beneath the fabric….has anyone else tried this?

Alistair duthie says:

ahhh, annoying whiney American.

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Michelangelo Alexander Sir-Rhine says:

The use of a whole cup of vinegar in a gallon of water for gardenias is insane, unless your water (& or) soil is very high pH. If it is the advice is not that bad. But if you are not pleged with high pH this can be extremely harmful. In high pH you end up with Carbonates & Bicarbonates. But if not high pH water & soil you will have a lot of left over Acetic Acid, which is half of the plant hormone "Indol-3-Acetic-Acid".
Resulting in root growth hormones being too high in relationship to the cell division hormones! This can cause severe health problems. This is the very way that vinegar kills weeds!!!
The gardenias are just a little bit more resistant. But do this too them if you don't have high pH, you will kill them, just like you did the weeds.

Mustafa Iraq says:

vinegar has crazy benefits.

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