Nail Fungus Treatments

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***This video is not sponsored. I bought and paid for everything you see in the video with my hard earned money.

I have nail fungus that started on one toe and it eventually spread to my fingernails. Its ugly, its embarrassing, and sometimes makes your nails hurt. In this video I go over the treatment that I have found to be most successful for me. In your case it may be different. If you found something that works for you, please comment and share.

Keep in mind that Tea Tree Oil expires 6 months after opening. I recommend you buy a tea tree oil that comes with a dropper as its easier to apply.

Here are the treatments that I have tried:

1. Tea Tree Oil
2. White Vinegar
3. Topical OTC anti fungal meds
4. Lamisil (Terbinafine)
5. Itraconazole

If this video helped you, please give it a thumbs up. I also invite you to share your tips/thoughts/critique in the comments section.

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