She Rubs Baking Soda On Her Feet 2x Per Week The Result is Stunning

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Baking soda is an incredibly versatile ingredient, which can be used as a cleaning product, a culinary ingredient, and a natural medicine.

It is affordable, effective, and easy to use. Therefore, you can replace commercial products with this simple ingredient and avoid the negative effects of harmful chemicals…

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LARA DE says:

what are these pornhub ads?

Davis Davis says:

Doctors hate her! Click to see why

Rachel Bhairosingh Nelly says:

thanks have a beautiful day๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’—nice ideas

Carol Williams says:

Stop this madness!!

Ruben Ruvalcaba says:

Does baking Soda
Cure cancer?

Earmuff Hugger says:

Who think she sound sexy?
Am she single…?

Being Healthy TV says:

Its a Gud Video

Stay Healthy & Stay Young

From Being Healthy TV

Stranger Somewhere says:

How about a real voice…..enough of the computer voices…… not coming here again……..

Dark Lady says:

Stupid ass robotic voice! Sorry, won't watch!

Oliver Leano says:

ive been using baking soda for my underarm the result no need for me to use deodorant as soap for my face it dries my pimples it really works for me im happy for the good effect of baking soda

13Gladius 2 says:

I don't wanna have a nice day, damn it. I wanna b a lean mean fightin' machine…

Htiduj E says:

These blasted robotic voices just put me off the video…

Belinda Erna says:

I will defenitly try it on my feet its seems for me it can works thank you

Ma Chere Maria says:

Fake its doesn't works in Asian skin

Maria Gonzalez says:

Baking soda lightens the skin

Lisa Love says:

So what were these effects of the feet?????????

lindalovesmusic1 says:

Who else was expecting to see an amazing, stunning thing about what would happen to feet using baking soda? I'm still wondering what is the stunning thing? (click bait)

Child of the Creator God says:

I bet her feet swell. Baking soda has the properties to make yeast work faster, That's all women really want, BIGGER FEET.

gurung prabha says:

can we use baking powderโ˜บโ˜บ

Ramon Hernandez says:

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Hunk Golden says:

Stop with the computer generated voice. It really takes away from the video.

Lawanda Fewell says:

Been soaking my feet in baking soda. Trust and believe Ladies IT WORKS! AMAZING RESULTS! OH! Fellas y'all can try it too.

Ramon Hernandez says:

thank you beautiful i also love your voice โค

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