Trimming of Super Thick Fungal Nails: FULL TREATMENT

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An elderly woman has been suffering from thick, hard to cut, fungal nails for a few years. She is unable to reach her feet, which is why her nails have grown so long. Due to the deformed, thickness of her toenails, no family or friends, or even pedicures, could help her with her toenails.

Bye bye thick, fungal nails…for now.

The Toe Bro

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terrie dotson says:

You do great finish work. I have some furniture i could use some help on. Just saying….

Carol Osborne-Blagg says:

You do a good job!!! I love the time you spend with the patients!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

The fact is this says:

YOUR so kind with your patients! YOUR voice is calm and collected.

MadraxPain says:

That's Trifflent LIKE Wash lotion them DIRTY Ass feet

Mk. Glenn says:

Why do ppl let the nails grow this long, this bad? Why don't they do this quicker? Why? ??

Paul Casson says:

Why don't any of the chiropodists or podiatrists in any of these videos about toe nails, ever soak the feet or treat the fungal infections?

Irma Birb says:

Finger nails: shows toe nails

debra lindh says:

You have a great bedside manner. I watched this twice this time to listen to you. You never made her feel bad about not coming in sooner. We need more Dr.s like you maybe we would go to see if they wouldn't talk down to a person.

maria older says:

New to watching you but you are so much nicer and a lot more gentle than I've seen other people be in videos. I'm sure your patients are very grateful. X

Panda B says:

New subscriber here! Your videos came up on my suggested list and I can't stop watching

Michelle K says:

That water file is the bomb!!

Brittany Franks says:

I have know clue how I made it through watching this video, I absolutely dislike feet. On another note you were incredible and if I ever need my feet hooked up when I'm older I'm going to have to find you. I do my grandma's feet every month when I visit as she can't reach hers either.

Susan Satzler says:

I hope you apply some nice moisturizer to the feet at the end of the appointment its a good way to make them feel better about their feet and its good for dry feet

Alena S says:

Ok almost 2 million views. Your going to be famous soon

Gia B says:

OPEN ON SATURDAY!!! Is it possible for you to have 2 camera angles so we can see the toes from your perspective?

Charlette's Divinity says:

Awww, I just love his laugh…. πŸ‘πŸ½

Gera Cortes says:

you should marry dr nail nipper

blood stain says:

Better clippers πŸ‘

Simon whiteboy says:

You my friend are an excellent doctor your interaction with the patients is awesome thru leave smiling I'm sure doctor nail nipper chick is not very friendly with her patients at all chick doesn't have very much of a sense of humor
I can fall asleep watching this stuff man good job

LucilleB says:

Mine grow so fast that I have to cut them each week. First, I soak my feet in warm water, which makes it easier. Then I dry them, rub lotion on them, and put on warm socks (preferably lanolin infused socks) from the dryer–my feel so good afterward. It's sheer bliss!

jumiss shop says:

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