Surgical removal of painful fungal toenail (contains graphic images)

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Shauna Dewoody says:

Right after fourteen days, I already saw some changes on my toenails. I`ve using this fungus treatment solution “shocking gowu com” (Google it) every morning and in the evening. I constantly utilize the treatment for 2 weeks and to my surprise, my nail was now free of fungus infection and its brownish blackish spot.

venomous says:

how much does this cost?

Jorge Fernandez says:

Im watchinh when eating cereal xD

Shauna Dewoody says:

My sister has her nail fungus infection for Ten years, for both big toe nails. My sister declines to take any type of treatment methods. I find the effectiveness of this fungus treatment “shocking gowu com” (Google it) satisfactory! Eventually, I am now confident to show my feet by simply using sandals.

Amy Zajac says:

Started seeing clearer toenails in two weeks. I have making use of this fungus treatment method “shocking gowu com” (Google it) in the morning and during the night. I consistently use the treatment for 14 days and to my surprise, my nail was now free of fungus infection and its brownish blackish spot.

Insanee kapapa says:

I just found aа remedy for toеnail fungus. Nоt many people know about it, sо you are one oоoof thе lucky guys

Toni Stallworth says:

Eliminating nail fungus is a very challenging action to take. My buddy has attempted and used this fungus treatment “shocking gowu com” (Google it) for a month. The significant thing is to begin treatment as soon as you discover! Because of “shocking gowu com”, her toenail is now back to normal.

Mohamed Amine Zouari says:

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Rita Danowski says:

way too far away I can't see a thing!! makes this video kinda pointless

Skyler Parker says:

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Hattie M. says:

How many shots did that poor woman endure first?!!!

Becky Emily says:

I've had a problem with 3 of my nails for 2 years now.. I've just been referred to a specialist and I'm actually hoping I can have them removed. I haven't been swimming, been on the beach, been able to walk around the house without socks for 2 years.. My boyfriend for nearly a year has never seen my feet either. It's ridiculous D: I'm only 17, I can't live my life like this for much longer, I want to go out and have fun without worrying hahaha
This looks so fucking painful though :'(

Radek Frelek says:

There are many factors in treating nail fungus at home. One place I found which successfully combines these is the Saras Fungal Site (check it out on google) it's the no.1 plan that I have ever heard of. look at the amazing information .

Tenacious B says:

OOHOHHOHHOHOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so going to throw up! AAAAWWwwwAAwwww!!!!! But I'm still getting the surgery though. Ointments and creams just don't work.

Gonna watch the video again…….OOHHOHhhhoHOHWWWWwwwwaAAAAHHHHHH!!! AHH! It's even worse the second time!!! Oh dear God!!

Jessica Cottrell says:

I'm shaking imagine the pain after the numbing wears off

GuMpAkC says:

Felt so uneasy watching this.

MissLilaRegenbogen says:

You are an artist.

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