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WARNING: This video might make you hungry.

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Kurwin Heartfilia says:

The music sounds like a fun kiddies diy video song…gives this video some added humour

gfvixie says:

Placotomus! 😂

Epic face899 says:

How long did you wait for it to be knum

Epic face899 says:

I have one sadly

nobodyBIZ1912 says:

this happened to me today, I thought I had an ingrown toenail but it was actually an infection caused by a pedicure they cut to much

Optifiine says:

I had the same problem with my finger, i popped it and it like squirted out

Mike says:

That may be AIDS bro. Your fucked

Kristi Mosher says:

You did a great job actually.

deb Nichols says:

Next time ( being kind & helpful) cut under the cuticle. More drainage, less pain. Give it a try.

Jazlyn Nichols says:

You think we are going to like when that is so gross No 😖😖😞

Cruz Martinez says:


KrazyRussingGamer Cooke says:

Yum looks good

Barks 125 says:

I am 10 November 21, 2017, and you need to not touch with your fingers. You need to remove the skin, I had an infected thing too. Do not use anything on your toe/finger without putting peroxide on your utensils. No hate just tips!!!

fishing 964 says:

Mom: What are you watching?
Me: Umm… Stuff.

DovaCat Warrior_Cats_Rocks says:

Lol I treated my own infections! I bet this really stank!!

Mairin Sheary says:

If you ever get this again, it’s better to take the needle and run it under the cuticle 🙂 goes way faster. I just went to the doctor today to get rid of one on my finger. Crazy painful

Wonderful Joy says:

2:28 is what ur looking for

* H A P P I N E S S * says:

Hold it Doc, do you have the proper equipment?

Furykills d says:

Defenifly want to leave the skin on

TimeLordian01 says:

You actually need to cut the dead skin to stop further infection

Shark with freakin' Lazer Beam says:

Next time soak in warm water instead of putting ice , and don’t put peroxide ( peroxide actually destroys your skin cells ) on your wound. I’ve done this a few times and my DR said that applying warmth to puss makes it easier to remove. Great video

Angela Ndocaj says:

using a toe nail clipper is better tbh it works for me

jon angel says:

You should have removed the skin because it will cause secondary infection and I don't think you want that because it will hurt like crap.

Crumb Reth says:

The music is far too cute for this type of video.

Cryeus F says:

Did you try turning it off and back on again?

itachiXoXuchiha says:

If you would have soaked it in epsom salt and hot water it would have popped, disinfected and looked kool too!

Luka says:

i used to bit myy fingers really bad till they bleed this sometimes happened so i got a needle and popped it

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