Athlete’s Foot Commercial – Parody

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Suffering from Athlete’s foot or Jock itch? You probably want some Tinactin or Desenex (Do they still make that), or to see a doctor. In the meantime enjoy this parody of the old Athlete’s foot commercials.

Special Thanks to ZLF Productions for providing the announcer’s voice. Check him out at:

Music by Kevin MacLeod:


Paul Rodenburg says:

@jon3pnt0 lol! I like that thought.

EpicVoiceGuy says:

This was supposed to be a commercial for fire extinguishers… it just ran too long and too late for the star. 😀

Paul Rodenburg says:

@ooozetoons It's you, you're trippin on acid, so everything is more realistic. I figured it was easier to spike the world's water supply with acid than to become a better animator. 😉

ooozetoons says:

Is it me or your animation is looking more and more realistic?

Paul Rodenburg says:

@naughtypuppetshow Thank you sir, it took a bit to get right.

NaughtyPuppet Show says:

Excellent scream! 🙂

Paul Rodenburg says:

@bryanlego lol, thanks!

Bryan Keith says:

This is great stuff! One can imagine what you could do with diarrhea. Wait, that came out all wrong. Wait, that came out even more wrong. . . A series of these could be neat. Great job!

Paul Rodenburg says:

@ChRoPi21 lol, those so don't seem sexy. I'd be worried the whole time she'd slip and crush my balls with her heels.

Paul Rodenburg says:

@jmanbehm Thank you. 🙂

Paul Rodenburg says:

@Blargaldalien LOL, I am now.

Blargal D'Alien says:

Aren't you glad, it was not hemorrhoids?

maintoc says:

Foot ( & jock ) itch gone incendiary! :p

ChRoPi21 says:

So did you get a footjob? lol

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