Thick Toenails With Fungus and Corns – Bonus Eclipse Photos!

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Wanda pierson says:

Thanks for sharing your videos!! Learned a lot. Having trouble finding someone to do my. The clinic I go to had a place to do that, outside of Podiatrist. They don't have it any more. My Podiatrist does not like to do them, but I have two toenails that r starting to get bad. One nail, 2nd from the big toe was amputated, the next long nail is bruised. On the right foot, big toe & next one r too long & starting to hurt. I'm borderline diabetic & have many symptoms of diabetes. I have
bad neuropathy in my feet, they always hurt. Do u know anybody in Portland Oregon that could help me with my situation? Tried to get a list in my area who clips nails……??? No luck so far!!!

Kris Diel says:

Thank you for sharing the pictures. I hadn’t seen it and the pictures were great!

Robin Christensen says:

I trim mine as often as needed. Long toe nails on able bodied people are gross. Totally love what a good effect your services do for these people.

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