Fungal Toenails – Toronto, Podiatrist, foot Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Foot Specialist – Ontario

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Fungal Toenails – Podiatrist, foot Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Foot Specialist, Toronto, ON

Podiatrist Sheldon Nadal discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for Fungal Toenails

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Many people don’t realize they have a fungal nail problem and, therefore, don’t seek treatment. Yet, fungal toenail infections are a common foot health problem and can persist for years without ever causing pain. The disease, characterized by a change in a toenail’s color, is often considered nothing more than a mere blemish. Left untreated, however, it can present serious problems.

Also referred to as onychomycosis, fungal nails are infections underneath the surface of the nail, which may also penetrate the nail. Fungal nail infections are often accompanied by a secondary bacterial and/or yeast infection in or about the nail plate, which ultimately can lead to difficulty and pain when walking or running. S


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