Laser Fungal Toenails Austin – Podiatrist

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Laser Fungal Toenails Austin – Podiatrist
Dr. Gary Prant discusses the Laser treatment for Fungal Toenails.
Texas Laser Foot Center
A clinic within Arbor Foot Health Center
The center is a clinic within Arbor Foot Health Center designed to quickly and efficiently treat your cosmetic foot and nail problems. Dr. Gary Prant will assess your feet and nails and determine if the laser can treat your cosmetic foot problem. If laser treatment could help you, Dr. Gary Prant can perform perform the procedure at that time. He has 20 years experience treating podiatric conditions with medical lasers and served many years on the Laser Committee at Seton Hospital. He is one of Austin’s most experienced medical laser practitioners. If your condition requires more than a cosmetic procedure, you will have the option to transfer to Arbor Foot Health Center, our full-service podiatric clinic.
Please note the following:
• Laser treatment is typically painless and fast. Mo


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