Tiger balm review. White tiger

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Quick fire opinion on tiger balm and white tiger. Just realised this jar is out of date…. By bout five years lol. Still stops muscle pains within minutes. Amazing


Maike Cooman says:

the real tiger balm white you can also use against a cold or headache 😉

Amy Zajac says:

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Toni Stallworth says:

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Anas Sheikh says:

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Nigi Ashara says:

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Jenelgreh Dreemurr says:

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MagizLord says:

that is a fake tiger balm

Mark Sumner says:

just tried this stuff on my back .i have a herniated disk in my spine and have been in agony with it for 2 years until i tried this stuff .it took a few hours to work tbh but its working fine now 8hrs later

xpressurmum1 says:

Hello joox, you've sold me on this review could u recommend where I could pick this up in England this product seems very Asian, very secretive with their remedies so would be greatful if you can point me in the right direction or even do you supply?

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