Does Fugacil Work?

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I’ve struggled with toenail fungus and athlete’s foot for years due to an injury and then working in an environment where my shoes were always getting wet.

My doctor at the time told me it was a vitamin deficiency, and by the time I realized she was wrong, it was too late and all 5 toenails were infected. I tried EVERYTHING , and probably spent hundreds on all sorts of potions and lotions and topical treatments.

Nothing worked.

I saw Fugacil online one day by chance. It had decent reviews, and cost half of what I’d usually drop on the newest cure at the drugstore, so I decided to give it a try. Within a week, my feet were noticeably smoother, the dead skin was coming off, but they were no longer cracking, itching, and painful.

Now, about a month later, the skin on the affected foot looks just as clear as the healthy one. Two toenails look perfectly healthy, they were the least infected to start off with.

This cream makes my skin feel SO fresh and clean, without drying it one bit. For me, at least, this product is a miracle.


atGabby Sparks says:

They are out of stock on their website 🙁

mquiroz90 says:

this proves females of any age can get athletes foot and toe fungus since it's equal to guys

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