OnycoSolve – Designed To Kill All Fungus

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OnycoSolve is a foot product designed to target onychomycosis – also referred to as feet fungus. Using OnycoSolve regularly helps to soothe the itching and to restore the toenails affected by the mycosis.

The fungus-killing formula of OnycoSolve is a mixture of many herbs and plant extracts with proven antiseptic effect. Some of the ingredients of OnycoSolve are: melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, linalool, geraniol, quercus robur bark extract, angelica archangelica root extract, salvia officinalis extract. Their continued use produces satisfying results in the treatment and prevention of foot and toenail problems.

Being an effective antifungal method, OnycoSolve produces almost zero negative side effects. The formula is enriched with silver particles – an antibacterial compound that removes moisture, sweating, itchiness, making foot skin conditions so unbearable to the fungi that they perish.

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