Joey Diaz’s Foot Sander

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Suckmyballz Gameplays says:

So let me get this straight, Coco.. You would spend whole nights snorting coke out of random bitches and eating ass in dirty motels but you wouldnt put a woman's foot in your mouth?

Andrew Decker says:

best way to kill athletes foot is to pee on ur feet in the shower

Jorge Gonzalez says:

tell joey to use hydrogen peroxide on his toe

thetype0021 says:

who tf is that weird guy their interviewing lmao

Cody Iuliucci says:

Hahaha hahahaha wtf best beginning

MrJrockallday says:

Apple cider vinegar will cure all that toe fungus shit.

MrJrockallday says:

He dirtbags every hotel room.

John Griffin says:

lmao reminds me of don vitos toenail

Drew C says:

heres something fucking strange and disgusting:
i got athletes foot. i went on holiday and it got way worse. like fuckin mutated in the heat or something. i tried lamasil, fuckin washing my feet 40 times a day, fuckin everything. nothing worked. then i bought this staffy pit bull cross from my weed dealer. george was a lovely dog. i was a bit scared at first coz i'd heard pit bulls were dangerous but this dog was so loving. anyway i took my socks off one night after work. sat watching the tv stoned. george caught the scent of my feet and ran over. started licking them. it was tickling so i was struggling to get away but he started growling. i was fuckin paranoid as fuck. stoned to death. anyway he stopped after a bit. the fuckin athletes foot cleared up after that. my dog was a fuckin witch doctor or some shit hahaha

Nanaya Bieswechs says:

"I trim the fungi toe"

Jamie Giblin says:

Look like a truck drivers feet ๐Ÿ˜‚

InfinitusVires says:

lmfao this almost ended me man !!!! omg so funny !!!! "like a soldja" !!!

Bart de Kool says:

0:37 "Little feet in socks" shudder

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