How to treat toe nail fungus with vicks vaporub (100% Proven Formula)

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How to treat toe nail fungus with vicks vaporub (100% Proven Formula)

Fungus can infect the skin and nails of your feet. A fungal infection of the skin is also known as Athlete’s Foot, which causes itching, burning, and flaking. This infection can spread to the toenails if it’s not treated. Both types of foot fungus are extremely contagious, both in your own body as well as to other people through contact. Therefore, it’s essential to treat the infection and prevent its reoccurrence.

My husband and I used this for nearly a year to clear up long-standing toenail fungus. It worked—my sexy toes are back! And we saved plenty in
over-the-counter medications.

Vicks-vaporub Home Remedy Toenail Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide
Vicks VapoRub

In the evening, shower and wash your toes carefully or soak and wash your toes in a small tub of warm water. Dry them thoroughly with a clean towel (launder the towel after each use). Wet a cotton ball with
hydrogen peroxide and apply to each toenail, using a fresh cotton ball for each nail so as not to spread infection. Let your toes air dry or pat them dry after the peroxide
foaming subsides. Make sure they are thoroughly dry, and then coat each toenail with Vicks. Cover your feet with cotton socks (which you
must wash after wearing); this keeps the Vicks working on your toes and off your sheets.

How it works:
Hydrogen peroxide is antifungal. Vicks VapoRub contains essential oils from plants with antifungal activity, specifically
thymol from thyme,menthol from peppermint, eucalyptolfrom eucalyptus, and camphor from a relative of cinnamon (Cinnamomum camphora).




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