Visiq Bubble Foot Spa – Argos Review

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4425650 – The Visiq Bubble Foot Spa will make a luxurious treat after a hard day on your feet. The roller massager will ease all of your aches and pains. It has settings for heat only, massage only, or heat and massage.


Thivi kanth says:

Totally wasted

dan Poole says:

Feels great on my feet.dont listen to the idiot mr harris comment.

sun shine says:

Would u pls tell us what kind of foot spa are u using? Tks 4 sharing

loupix uk says:

One thing to note, is that the base inside is very knobbly the first time we used this we found it quite painful, maybe when we use this on higher seated chairs things will be different.

Sam Whentringhame says:

Brilliant . My wife loves it.

Tommy Harris says:

Complete rubbish

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