Dwight Howard’s Slithering Slam Dunk Snake Tank

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Wayde King and Brett Raymer reveal a South America themed tank for Dwight Howard’s pet boa constrictors. | http://animal.discovery.com/tv/tanked/#mkcpgn=ytapl1

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Maricel Gaela says:

Poor fishies hope theyre on their permanent habitat

Nanett Pool says:

Wow. You people are doing what they expect. Amusing them. Each co

toola says:

is it just me or do they seem to overstock all their tanks? lol

Simon Chang says:

A lot of aquarium cichlids nowadays are hybrids.

Redactes says:

"he feels like a proud father"

Bruno Cavalcante says:

Hello! My name is Bruno I'm Brazilian and I'm from Rio de Janeiro, man I'm very fan of you, I do not miss any program WITH WATER UNDER THE NECK and I'm in love with aquarium. I have a 250 liter aquarium 😄😄😄 and this for you is nothing for what they do but I love my aquarium, my dream was to meet all of you and also to have a big aquarium but I think it would be impossible for me 😭😭😭. I'm trying to learn how to make the coral ornaments you do but I can not, but I'll get there.

Maybe one day and your GOD allow me to be visiting you someday, it would be one of the happiest days of my life. Finally, I leave here a big hug for all and may God continue to bless this beautiful work that you have.



Note: If you can give me some aquarium tip I will leave my email here.


luis malveiro says:

Too many fish in the tank, also, the snake will be stressed to be in a full glass tank with all that light from the window…

Joe Newman says:

all you haters go find another channel if all you want to do is bitch they build what ever the costumers want and what they can aford the customer disides

Austen Gohl says:

The sad part is the boa is going to get 8 ft long and grow out of the cage

577AllWell says:

Have you ever imagined a world where its the people with real, significant accomplishments are showered with fame and money?

Fried Chicken says:

they finally made a new home for Kevin Durant


I have oscars those are going to get way to big

RL_ blue gamer says:

Does he know snakes 🐍 can get out of the tank by breaking it…

Freeboca Meme says:

ON 1:37 the fish kissed each other xD

uNiTy says:

That tank is not big enough for those South American Chiclids not to mention didn't look like they had any breathing holes for air, and yes they need oxygen. Either that or they should of put an air-stone inside the tank.

GTA Fan says:

Aww the fish kissed

Noah Falcon says:

That’s amazing

Shakeyes Shook says:

For a second I got worried I was like don't snakes eat fishes

iris olivas says:

Aww the fishies kissie

R.D. Cubing says:

Isn't that too small for those cichlids

Kyle Serdan says:

That tank is way too small for an Oscar

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