Verrucas, Athlete’s Foot & Feet Calluses | Embarrassing Bodies Foot Ailment Compilation

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This compilation is of the top feet diseases and health issues from Season One of Embarrassing Bodies. These include Verrucas, Ingrown Toe Nails, extreme cases of Athlete’s Foot alongside Foot Corns & Calluses.

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Aph Wolf says:

Ik about athletes foot it's just like trench foot

I'm learning about WW1

J purple ramen says:

Dang how do people let there feet get like this.

thieladdam says:

is it just me or did one of the clippings look like a sand dollar at 9:30

Following Phan says:

Why why why won’t he wear gloves ???

Lily Hunt says:


QuasiBiscuit857 says:

bare hands??

Brian HL says:

Fucking gross.

Zephyrr Sky says:

His oral hygiene doesn't look too great 🙁

Steven Assanti says:

damn. that's some nasty ass feet, makes my toe jam look like ice cream

lyra1905 says:

4th comment
4th like 🙂

Roger The alien says:

Don’t watch this

Sander Teder says:

Aiiiii damn i cringed soo much my coffe fell on my ipad

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