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tubefluid says:

Just because someone isn't showing off their toes, doesn't mean that they have fungus.
What a moron.

J. S says:

Whoa!!!! Toe nail fungusss.

Charlotte Holliday says:

You're crazy

gazlander says:

I'm not the only one seeing this, right? That IS AC Slater selling toenail fungus treatment, right?

Ted Day says:

Mario Lopez with X-Ray vision…

Adelia Zeidler says:

not Elton John, Paul Williams in the 70s! Right down to the purple hat and gloves.

LR2033 says:

Elton jhon!!!!!!!!

Cave Johnson says:

tipping intensifies

Sergio Lopez says:

Here because of Artie Lange

SavMacCauley says:

Why does Jublia look like Elton John?

metonbikes says:

This commercial is utterly ridiculous. It's toenail fungus for crying out loud!! You celebrate this med like it's your firstborn. I want to throw up when I saw this on tv. Do you people on marketing really think the general public is really that stupid???? Stop treating us like we are stupid sheep or cows that celebrate the rich and famous, cause guess what? Most of us "folks" CARE LESS about stars and the famous and red carpet stereotypes!! Really, you actually compared toenail fungus treatment to red carpet treatment??? Treating toenail fungus ranks right up there with a sewer overflow. But that's about what your stupid commercials are worth!!

Ward oo says:

How does Mario, or anyone else, know the starlet has toenail fungus since she has enclosed shoes? Nobody could see it!

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