How To Treat Broken Toenail Cleaning Transformation – Best Foot Pedicure Toe Nail Art Tutorial ☑️

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How To Treat Broken Toenail Cleaning Transformation – Best Foot Pedicure Toe Nail Art Tutorial ☑️ Foot Pedicure Transformation – How To Apply Acrylic Nails On Damaged Toenail – Broken Nails Hacks – Toenail Art Tutorial – How To Pedicure Tutorial – Best Foot Pedicure Transformation – How To Do Pedicure Compilation – Damaged Toenail Cleaning Transformation Compilation -Professional Pedicure Tutorial – Best Pedicure Before And After Toe Nail Art Tutorial – Toe Nail Hacks From Fugly To Fabulous!! How To Do Pedicure Tutorial – Cleaning and maintaining your toenails is an integral part of proper foot care. Since your feet are often out of sight and out of mind, it is easy to ignore the buildup of dirt and grime under your toenails.

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Nail Art Designs 2017 says:

those nails are so cute

Jennifer Serrato says:

The different files used to file between the nails, cuticles, and the dead skin are they different grades so they don’t cut their skin? I recently got my nails done and they just used one file and and got a part of my skin and man it hurt bad. I see you do it on their skin for some time and doesn’t seem to hurt them.

Myriann Paez says:

de donde son o.mejor donde estan …x que no vienen a QUITO-ECUADOR 👍POR FAVOR POR FAVOR😘

sleepyfacedangel ♥ says:

🌸◠‿◠)/ 💗 sigh I could watch these all day long & never get tired of them! 24 hr loop & I'd be happy… So relaxing to watch these amazing transformations! Thank you for posting, Neo Trix! 🙂

Dolphins life says:

You should have a room full of first place nail awards.

Alma Huerta says:

What kind of cuticle clippers are you using for the blue toe nails

Neena Khan says:


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that first one took my breath away!!!

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