How To Use Pau D’arco For Nail Yeast Infections

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I’m going to talk to you today about Pau D’arco treatment for nail infections. Now, this is effective if you’ve got toenail fungus, or if you’ve got fingernail yeast infections, it doesn’t really matter. It’s going to work effectively. You can even use this treatment for scalp yeast infections.

What you’ve got to do is get hold of some very good quality Pau D’arco bark. I’ve got some bark here. You can just buy the bark on the internet, and many different companies that will sell the Pau D’arco bark. It’s better if you get between a 2 to 4 percent Lapacho content. The active ingredient’s called Lapachol. If you’ve got a high grade Lapachol content of the Pau D’arco, you’re going to get a better effect.

Now, what you’ve got to do is make a concentrated product up. And how you’re gonna do that is you’re going to use quite a lot of Pau D’arco. Now, I’ve done a previous video on a vaginal yeast infection treatment. I’ve also talked about tea you can generally drink if you’ve got Candida internally. Now, this is a nail problem, so you need to make it a lot stronger if you would if you were going to use it vaginally or internally. A lot stronger.

Now, how are you gonna achieve that easily? You’re going to use about a whole cup of the bark. Pack a whole cup of the bark. You’re going to pour it in a stainless steel, glass or iron saucepan. Don’t use aluminum. You can just bend those things. They’re junk. Throw it in there. Now, for one cup of Pau D’arco you’re going to use three to four cups of water. Put that in your saucepan. Cold water, quality water-bring it to the rolling boil. Soon as it’s boiling, you’re going to reduce it and simmer it for one hour, one whole hour. It’s a long time, I know. Get it to a really low setting.

Another very good tip I got from a patient in the US was this guy got rid of all of his toenail infections by doing this- he got a crockpot. One of those pots you can leave on low setting overnight where you cook casseroles and stuff in. What do you call them, slow cookers? I think we call them crockpots over here. What a crock! They’re an absolute crock, but it really works. Trust me this works. Just get a small slow cooker. You’re going to use one cup of the Pau D’arco bark. Pack it right in. And then three to four cups of water. Then put it on low, leave it on overnight, or put it on high, leave in on for say four or five hours.

Now, when you’re finished and you taste this stuff it should be like “bleuugh.” It should be like really strong, or it’s not going to work. Strong, strong, strong. Once you’ve got this strong extract, you’re going to basically filter it. Get the bark in a strainer or use maybe a coffee filter paper and squeeze out all the juice remaining out of that bark and you’re left with this really dark beautiful orange brown colored liquid. Now, that’s what you’re going to use on your toenails. It’s a matter of really keeping the toenail wet.

Now, some people I know put it in a foot bath. Other people will have a small stainless-steel bowl with the Pau D’arco very strong extract and just put the hands or the fingers in there as they’re watching TV or watching YouTube. Put the fingers in there and leave them in for a minimum of one hour. Try to do that one-hour treatment two to three times per week with either a foot bath or a hand bath. And you watch what happens to your nail fungus. This is a really, really effective treatment. It absolutely nails the nail infection.

This is feedback I’ve received from many people. It can also be used in conjunction with some Australian tea tree oil drop on the toenail, or a little bit of oregano oil. Some people have told me that they use a very small piece of fine wet and dry sandpaper or a nail file just to sort of scuff the surface of the nail to make it more porous for the fluids to get in there. Other people say it doesn’t really matter. Try that.

Another patient told me about using a nailbrush in conjunction with this treatment to sort of brush around the nail and really saturate the whole tissue in that area. But I can tell you now, this is a very effective treatment for toenail and fingernail fungus. You could also consider washing your hair or just soaking your hair with this Pau D’arco treatment.

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Tsuki Yomi says:

What should we do if it causes bloating, nausea and vomiting should we quit it? Please reply.

Sadia Hussain says:

I really hope this works. My last good finger nail has now rotted away leaving me with 10 disgusting nails. Being in the Beauty industry its affecting my confidence so much iv considered wearing gloves when applying makeup on clients. I will order the Pau D'arco right away. Thank you so much Eric

pablo mago says:

thanks for the tip.!

Shelley Seitz says:

How long typically do you need to do this 3 times/week? I've had a thumb nail fungus for around 3 years and it has eventually spread to my other thumb nail, pinky, and now wedding fingerūüė©I've tried Tree tea oil and oregano oil but perhaps didn't do it long enough, consistently. Is the par d' Arco more effective. I can get more of it at my local co-op. Maybe taking it internally as a tea at the same time?

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