How to Make a Natural Anti-Fungal Foot Powder

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1 ½ tbsp bentonite clay
½ tsp cayenne pepper
2 drops cinnamon essential oil
2 drops clove e/o
2 drops frankincense

Mix to blend then store in a container. I used an empty dried herb shaker which I covered.

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Miss Pinkk says:

I watch your videos all the time and I just say I need longer videos!!!! 😫 I love your accent and you’re so through in everything you do!

hallecats says:

En Pointe??? How lovely.

Diana Riccitelli says:

HI! Thank you for this video! Do you have a suggestion to substitute the cinnamon essential oil (I'm allergic), best wishes from Kyoto 😀

tauresa ttauresa says:

Do you put it on your feet or shoes?
What works for my sons football shoes is cat litter. Just fill the shoes and leave for 24 hours.
Also, Vick vapour rub massaged into clean feet every night for as long as the feet need it, works too 😉

herChristianhome says:

Love simple, useful recipes like this.

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