Dry Goods Review

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Start strong, finish strong with the competitive edge of DRY GOODS spray powder. Unlike the usual powders, DRY GOODS stays in the game as long as you do, keeping you cool and dry so you can perform at your peak. No mess, no clumping. Just long-lasting protection that sticks around. DRY GOODS’ unique formula is great for before and after athletic activity, or simply to keep you cool and comfortable during your daily commute. Our no-mess spray application makes sure you powder yourself and not the floor. Don’t get left in the dust with traditional body powders.

DRY GOODS is tested on athletes, never animals. We use no harmful CFC’s out of respect for the ozone layer. Our products are recyclable and made in the U.S.A.


Nicholas Ott says:

FYI, this spray is fantastic for your "goods" area. Take it from an electrician who has worked in some hot muggy crawl spaces. A spray of this stuff on your "package" and it is shocking how fresh they stay. I have tried diffrent types of baby powder/talc powder, this stuff is in a whole nother league.

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