Taking of nail Polish off long toe nails

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Lillian Martinez says:

Two questions; how are you able to take out the polish off on your clients without messing up your own and how do this clients do on the winter? Do they use closed shoes or not? Just curious!

Kiera D. says:

can your videos be longer? i just love watching

dec home says:

two nasty ass bitches

o0LoveLove0o says:

are those tips on her toes or her natural nail

beatrix barrios says:

definitivamente el taladro ayuda mucho para los glitters..

Maria Ortiz says:

thanks everyone

Maceo Gaines says:

you have some beautiful toes

tiffanyctcd says:

Love the long toe nails.

kristen frye says:

can you please do more videos of long toenails.

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