Quick Skin Pick

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Today we decided we would get in a quick skin pick session before we got “docmalk” into the shower. I come and visit my father about twice a week and help him get a shower. So, we are going to try and film a little bit each time beforehand.

Right now it is only me recording and picking at the same time, so I apologize for the poor quality of video. We both agree that, if in future this turns to be of interest we look forward to that. please like and subscribe.


CrowGamer101 says:

What is wrong with me…..

Marie Carlucci says:

Jumping all over……

Alyssa Madgey says:

Anyone one else notice that in the end, we’re all just a bunch of weird people who watch people peel skinπŸ˜‚

Galaxy Gals says:

j dont knoe…..

Angelina Jackson says:

Ooh 7:15

Abbie Knights says:

That's a lot of dry skin

Noella Cornelius says:

I like how you are able to grab a nice big piece and pull it slowly then when it breaks away from attachment you hold it up and you model it for us!!!!!! I have been telling the earwax doctor to do this cuz he asks for feedback to make his videos better but he won't model the earwax for us!!!! Lol hahahaha πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Noella Cornelius says:

Great job multitasking!!!!

plaguelock says:

Marijuana does not cure cancer. Im sick of hearing that shit. If you know what cancer is,youd know that that isnt possible.

Cherlyn Mauricio says:

I notice lots of people keep on talking about Noboremed Secrets. But Im not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried using this psoriasis remedy?

Bianca Jacobs says:

I wish my feet could look like that then i will be busy all day hehe

Kaylin Bradley says:

I was cringing through this whole thing its disgusting idk why o watched all of it

Jorie C says:

clean up on aisle six, I think somebody dropped a box of Frosted Flakes

The Beast says:

I’d love to take a razor blade to that and just scrape it all off!

Team_Logan Gamer says:

So sadisfying


woah this makes me feel weird

cat kill says:

Stop smoking!!!!!!!

Num Num Butt says:

Do u hear it πŸ™‚

Kristen Gabel says:

Why am i watching this?

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