Extreme dry cracked feet skin removal after treatment

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Got a medical treatment on my foot’s dried skin.


Bilbo Swaggins says:

When you have three essays to write and 100 pages to read but you're watching someone get foot skin ripped off instead

Melissa Ritter says:

Woman in the video: No problem! poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke

Foot: why did i ever agree to make this video, hope i'm still getting paid

Mac And Cheese says:

Looms like you were about to deep fry yo foot, you okay?

Donnajean Odetta says:

Does Noboremed Secrets really help to cure your psoriasis issue naturally ? We've read a lot of good stuff about this psoriasis treatment.

Peanuttoffee Aj says:

I love stuff like this I love it when I have dead skin not this worse though but it satisfies me to peel of my own dead skin lol

Kai Tyler says:

It's not that hard to peel it off

Marie Carlucci says:

I don't need more ANXIETY!!!!!!!!! WTF??

Hup Fluffs says:



Wild Garlic Zombie A.K.A Kyl car says:

Looks like bread

JAYDO says:

OMG EVERYONE, you're non supposed to peel off the skin, or it will just grow back. you have to let it do it on its own, so that's probably why she's not forcing it off. and, it could be a little painful so…

Trey Reed says:

omfg its a foot not a fragile egg bitch just peel it!

Kae Kae says:

Mane dats flour and water mixed together😂

J _TheTaco says:

Why is she using a coma-dome extractor???

Fire Fox says:

They probably just put plaster on their feet and left it on for a week

kittyforkitty crystalcat says:

I think they put a burrito bread and pit it on this person foot and put his leg in the freakin oven comment yes if u think so

bowie the hAmster says:

Y is the foot red

Kyle Moats says:

Tortilla foot.

Jelly Muffins says:

The music is so peaceful

Malvina Lilla says:

What is Noboremed Secrets? I've heard several amazing things about this keratosis secret remedy.

Katie O'brien says:

Was that bleeding at the start???

Truth Teller says:

DailyVideos your a freaking idiot!! Why don't you just peel that shit off??

Joseph Donnell says:

Bro rip that shit off like it’s 1999

IceyBear says:

Why is yo foot mcdonalds red💀

Angel Hendley says:

where's the gloves lord???

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