Ingrown Toenail Cleaning Transformation – Best Foot Pedicure Spa Treatment!!💗

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Ingrown Toenail Cleaning Transformation – Best Foot Pedicure Spa Treatment!! Cleaning and maintaining your toenails is an integral part of proper foot care. Since your feet are often out of sight and out of mind, it is easy to ignore the buildup of dirt and grime under your toenails. Establishing toenail grooming habits is an important aspect of your overall hygiene. It will also help you prevent toenail-related healthcare issues and increase your level of comfort.

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Heyitsmikiex _ says:

Now they shaved like half her toe off

Marry Talley says:

I would love to start to get my feet done, but I do not know how to find out if a business is clean and safe. How and where do you go to look up this information. You hear and see so many horror stories of people getting fungus and other issues. I am scarf that may happen to me.

Ms. Stwabewwie says:

Everyone is talking about how the cuticles are being cut but I’m just looking at the color of the nail polish and it is not cute… 😛 it’s like a really weird pink color

Roses Diary says:

this isn't safe of sanitary

Zoey Isabella says:

I have bad ingrown toenails and I only got them done once. It hurt a tiny bit but it mostly felt super gross😂😂

Denzel Sugayan says:

She's a miracle worker

Faye Elizabeth says:

i feel like they put the music over these videos bc if not you would just hear people screaming

Gracie D says:

Ohhhh imma tell nail sunny

A. Anderson says:

omg her feet are so effing ugly

juanis camacho says:

existen los milagros

Lo Bo says:

That first girl's second toe was easily 2 inches longer than her big toe. Holy shit

MegaMcGruber says:

How can people live with such long toenails???

プリンけつ says:


Isabella says:

Man I know that hurt like a bitch when she pulled it. She's not no damn podiatrist fuck !

Ariana Playzz says:

Poor toes #toelivesmatter 😨

Evasroses6543 says:

5:37 What is happening here? Is a hole being drilled through natural nail?

Bunny Rose says:

I'd trust this person with my life

floe sho says:

good lord hold the camera still

たぁつん says:


Jeezy says:

My nail places never do this!

KAGUYA _XD says:

What kind of foot scrub do you use?

Adictos al cine Gabisha m y Xian Cryx says:

hola nos andamos promocionando en varios videos para decirles que si les gusta lo mejor del cine y varios reportajes y demás vayan a visitarnos
Y si les gusta suscríbanse

Alesya Starovoytova says:

For some reason i find these satisfying..!

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