Castor Oil, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Antibacterial! Hmmm ~~~Nancy

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My newest ‘trick of the trade’ is Castor Oil. In the past I’ve used Castor Oil for my dog’s constipation and it worked well (see the link
below). Today I’m using Castor Oil for a friend with shingles. I’ll be putting the flannel castor pack directly on the shingles sores, to draw out infection and to bring comfort for the sores that are causing pain and a lot of discomfort. What I’ve learned is that the plain Castor Oil from an inexpensive source – contains a gasoline derivative – the best is to buy an organic Castor Oil.
Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) called for
castor oil many times in the health reading.~~~Nancy Gurish
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My URLDog’s Constiptation Preventive And

Top 15 Amazing Benefits of Using Castor Oil For
Skin, Hair And Nails
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The Essenes – Edgar Cayce on the Life & Times of Jesus

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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Castor Oil
For Hair, Skin & Health

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Gary Farmer says:

Thanks Nancy, you are one of God's troopers because you teach people about his medicine.

Maria Franco says:

thank you so much for your fast answer, i really appreciate your explanation, take care.

Maria Franco says:

Hi Nancy this Video is very informative as usual, could you please explain more about this Castor Oil on the ovarian area? do you warmer up with a Cloth or just apply it directly onto the skin on this Areas?

Linda Foote says:

I have been using a castor oil heat pack everyday on my abdomen to rid myself of a tumor in the uterus area. It has been a year. I have no way to tell if it is gone yet, but I do know it must of reduced greatly because of the way it feels now in that area. My colon also has improved tremendously. I still do the heat packs just because of the benefit I feel. I really like the way the castor oil absorbs in the skin. It is so amazing to me.

Maria Franco says:

Hi Nancy as always, very Informative,
thank you so much!!😌

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