Infected foot with huge amount of puss

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Sry for delay


Annabelle Delle-Rose says:

Did anyone see a huge amount of puss???

Jon Patterson says:

Jesus ..the pan I drain my cars oil in is cleaner than that

Stage Name says:

This doctor is terrible! Also look at the dirty surgical steel bowl. It is dirty, stained and rusted. He did not lance this correctly either. Poor kid prob ended up loosing his foot or getting a blood infection.

Jane Gilmore says:

Dribble lol

FairyAss Timmy says:

Lmao "huge amount of puss" I don't think you know what "huge" means buddy cause there was like NO puss lol

anon anonNO says:

OMG!!! pusTOE grossness!

Ricky Ferguson says:

Good video thank you!!

Brooke Simpson says:

Let's just make the infection worse. What a nasty drainage pan

Janette Mehl says:

Pus not puss

chris cutter says:

was the patient female ? age ?

AmazingGrace6664 says:

Huge amount of puss? Not in this video.

Chloe Burrows says:

Didn't even know it was possible to get an infection there 🤷🏻‍♀️

Phillip Taylor says:

Foreign body?

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