Huge Abscess Staph Infection Popped In Foot Big Plug Removed Best Abscess Drainage Ever!! YouTu

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sk8punk318 says:

even the dr thought it smelled horrible and he's used to all kinds of shit

sk8punk318 says:

omg I can't imagine the pain he's going through with that initial needle going in let alone if he didn't have crutches

Alicia Hinesley says:

What on earth was this? I thought I heard the Dr. say that the black piece of skin was "dead"- did I hear incorrectly? Also, did the man ever reveal how this happened? Poor guy!

radgirl says:

way to steal someone elses video

Dee Kuz says:

How the heck do you let your foot get that abscessed with necrosis?? Maybe a homeless man or something. Poor fella.

Rachel D says:

plastic surgery sould have been consulted immediately. this guy doesn't know what he's doing.

Cindy Alley says:

This is a stolen video. Shame on you!

asinapiades says:

What's going on with the right ankle?

jaguarsky55 says:

His pain was so difficult to watch. Poor fella.

Cheyenne Rhinehart says:

That looks so painful and that he needed to be still so that the doctor can take care of it.

CJC2274 says:

poor guy it seemed as if he was having involuntary nerve twitching or something or maybe Parkinson's disease idk but he def felt that! And did you see how much bigger it got after the local was injected??? Imagine the pressure. That thing was ready to explode

Goose says:

insane. how did he even walk let alone get his shoes on?

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