Foot Callus and Nail Cutting 3rd Toe osteomyelitis (Bone Infection)

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This video displays how neglected calluses can turn into some really big problems. There is a strong suspicion of a bone infection on the left and right 3rd digits. The patient has severe arthritis, which regrettably does cause her significant discomfort, but her neuropathy prevents any pain from the tissue debridement itself.


Jonathan Tuminello says:

I cant hear you…my big toe hurts…arthritis in my big toe…i have bloody feet..

Julie Kreps says:

It's heartbreaking that this patient doesn't have someone to help her with foot care regularly at home. 😢

Jamie williams says:

Amazing – snap away

Deanna says:

Why didn’t freeze the bad areas before you worked o. Them?

belinda williams says:

this  lady feet is just plain dirty.  Maybe soaking feet in Epson salt water just to soften them up.

Chris Back says:

You so called podiatrist are such a jerk! I’ve seen such nice other’s that really are “sorry” they don’t continue they STOP and give some kind of numbing, and this poor lady says “sorry” shame on you!!

taaurus13 says:

Stopped by to see if you were really as much as a jerk as others are saying you are. And you are. A jerk. You were so mean to this lady! She's telling you that she's in pain and you just keep going! You could have given her a local but you're apparently a sadist. I hope she never comes back to you. Jerk.

Robert Saxell says:

where is the pain medicine? you trying to save money ?

Sharyn Sherwood says:

Just wats all that stuff on top of her feet?

Sharyn Sherwood says:

I hope and pray I never get like this old lady 😷

Sharyn Sherwood says:

Omg how gross filthy feet can't someone help clean them friend family etc because now she's in agony 😿🤢

Helen Langley says:

Had knee replacement can't get down to work on her feet, okay but you can still soak your feet! This is nothing but lazyness by her! She clearly does Not bathe/shower. She is being over dramatic to get sympathy as an excuse for not taking better care of herself. This poor Dr can't work miracles!! Why did she even go in if she was going to act like that!!! Pathetic!

Demarius Wiggins says:

Why he didnt use numbing???

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