How To Treat Toenail & Nail Fungus | Tips & Remedies by Guru Mann

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Having foot fungus is a common condition caused by microscopic organisms that grow in warm, moist areas. If a person walks in a warm place, such as dressing rooms, showers or pools, organisms can invade your nails and cause an infection. Here Fitness expert Guru Mann explains How To Treat Toenail & Nail Fungus Tips & Remedies. Don’t forget to share.


Silus Kundal says:

Sir please give review for davisco whey protein concentrate 🙏🙏 its a request
Feeling confused for Davisco as it quite cheap and wether it is effective or not

Technical Chhokra says:

sir please make a video on ringworm

Zaved Malik says:

Skin me fungle infection ke liye tips bataeye guru ji

Richard Alexander says:

Hey guys, I've tried all kinds of home remedies in the past, but nothing really worked like i had hoped. I found this online and it has consistently helped me get rid of all kinds of fungus and nastiness. Hopefully it helps you too!

Mr. A.K47 says:

Sir season change h toh mostly sabko bukhaar ho jaata h.. Us pr video n info do ke wo process kya h bukhaar aane ka. N bukhaar se kaise bache n bina medicine liye… Aapne ik video banaye thi k.. Agr cough ya bukhaar h toh gym na jaye.. Sir ab fever pr banaoo with full info kyuki hame koi bhi bimari ho saala bukar tax ki tarah include ho jaata h usme.. Lov u sir

Prashant Singh says:

You are awesome big brother

Aman Deep says:

Thanks maan sahib…
Its really working..
I had fungus on thumbnails. I used 3 times vicks vapor… and its fix more than 70%.
Thanks again bro

khadar sardar says:

Pls bro make 1 video about dandruff r sebo soriyasis

dharmjeet singh says:

sir… are best …..sir can we use boro plus cream as well???

Kamran shaikh says:

guru bhai mera nail skin ke under ingrow karta hai or skin mai fungus ho jati hai so how to get rid ?

ankit golatkar says:

Please sir wart..hpv… pe video banaiye.. please..

Raj Kumar Parihar says:

Could please make video for facial hair , what should we do to grow thick beards ..
I know there are lot of videos on YouTube regarding this but i can't trust them , so please do a video on it .

Deep Sarpanch says:

Do a video on. BPI CLA and L CARNTINE

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