Brittle Toenail Cleaning Transformation – From Drab To Fab Pedicure – Best Feet Nails Treatment ✅

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Brittle Toenail Cleaning Transformation – From Drab To Fab Pedicure – Best Feet Nails Treatment ✅ This video demonstrates medical treatment, performed by a professional. Real life, real situations, real learning.

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majduschkaviolet says:

Výsledek vypadá hezky, ale je třeba nehty prvně vyléčit či nechat dorůst a ne dát akryl v podstatě na kůži.

hoang tran says:

@Neo trix : what is the tiny bit you use to clean cuticle ?


Where to find u

Ro Souza says:


Maria Nazarè says:

Você é demais maravilhoso

Kananda Cristine says:

Oi como é o nome desse produto que você faz o alongamento?

Lavonne says:


Celir Silva says:

Onde fica esta estética para refazer unhas dos pés. ?

Shelia Thompson says:

I love your nail transformations, what products are you using because it doesn't seem to be acrylic? I would love to have my nails done by you 20 Stars!! great work as usual.

Nadine Miller says:

See when a client walk into your salon or your nails shop and they need a service then the 3rd of the nail missing don't do any service on the client because you never know what can happy to the nail in qa month or two

Thamires Cecília says:

Amores qual gel vocês usam no video?

Norma elizabeth Cortes lopez says:

Es mejor tratarse el hongo…buen trabajo

Kimmie Duncan says:

Man I need this I have gotten my toenail removed twice

Kat Klo says:

I love Your transformations. You're amazing. Great job! 🙂

Shelly M. says:

With the acrylic applied to skin, will the natural nail push the acrylic forward with any discomfort?? Love your channel!!

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